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Chrome Blind Corner Pull Out Shelves

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Part Number: 5PSP-15-CR
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Chrome wire blind corner pull out shelf unit is non handed so it can be installed in kitchen cabinets that are hinged either right or left. The unit maximizes space in blind corner cabinets while allowing the user full accessibility to the entire unit.

This chrome blind corner optimizer fits most 45" blind corner cabinets and features chrome accents,ball bearing slides,and heavy duty materials making it functional,reliable,and stylish

For blind corners with 15" opening

Physical Specifications  

                       (min / max)  

Width: (inches)  26.250  

Depth: (inches)  20.250  

Height: (inches)  21  


Max Weight Rating:(lbs)  100.00  

Materials:  Metal  

Color/Finish:  Chrome  


Minimum Cabinet Opening  

Width: (inches)  14.750  

Depth: (inches)  20.250  

Height: (inches)  21

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