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Made To Fit Cutlery Drawer Insert

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Made to fit your existing kitchen drawers or our slide out shelves

Available in 1/8" increments from 9" to 22" wide and 15" to 22" depths.  Enter your drawer width and depth measurements(we advise subtracting 1/8" for insert to fit properly) or if you need it for a slide out shelf that is on the same order, put that information in the WxL box telling us which slide out you want this made for

Dividers are 1 3/4" tall and spaced approx. 2" apart

Dividers are 9 ply Baltic Birch

Bottom is MDF with either a White or Maple look covering

Total height: 2"

Dividers are 11 1/2" tall, total of 12 1/2" which is centered onto the bottom from front to back i.e if your depth is 19.5" then there will be approx 3.5" from each end

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